The following animators have graciously contributed a letter to The Animator Letters Project:

  1. Aaron Hartline
  2. Amelia Lorenz
  3. Andreas Wessel-Therhorn
  4. Anthony Rizzo
  5. Austin Madison
  6. Benson Shum
  7. Brenda Chapman
  8. Clay Kaytis
  9. Clinton Racine
  10. Dale Baer
  11. Daniel Gonzales
  12. Eric Swymer
  13. Floyd Norman
  14. Frank Abney
  15. Frans Vischer
  16. Gary Goldman
  17. Jeff Joe
  18. Jeff Nevins
  19. Jim Vanderkeyl
  20. Kent Alfred
  21. Larry Whitaker
  22. Mario Furmanczyk
  23. Merlin Crossingham
  24. Mike Gasaway
  25. Randy Hayes
  26. Ron Husband
  27. Ruben Aquino
  28. Rusty Gray
  29. Seth Hippen
  30. Shawn Kelly
  31. Stephen Anderson
  32. T. Dan Hofstedt
  33. Tom Bancroft
  34. Tony Bancroft
  35. Tony Bonilla
  36. Travis Howe
  37. Wayne Gilbert
  38. Will Finn

Would you like to contribute as well? Please read the guidelines to get some ideas of what to write about.

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